2024 Results

May One Day – Riverside GC

Two Lady Best Ball – Indian Run GC

Two Lady Match Play Scramble – States Golf Course

June One Day


Medal Play at Milham Park

July One Day – Angels Crossing GC

WMWC – Angels Crossing GC

Mixed Two Ball

August One Day

Road Trip

Nancy Haner Scramble

Match Play

September One Day

Past Results

Genevieve Gilmore Award

This award has nothing to do with golfing ability.  It’s an award for people who have made significant individual contributions to the KWGA through service.  This prestigious award can only be won once and is voted for by the members of the organization.

Nominations for the Genevieve Gilmore Award can be submitted any time through the year using this link. Check out the previous years winners (note you can only win this award once).

Previous Winners


The KWGA Cup is awarded for participating in events.  We assign a point value to each event.  The person with the most points at the end will win the KWGA Cup.  

Check Status here (coming soon)